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About TeamCOLINDA  TeamCOLINDA began as a pastime. Around the time when most of us were wowing about th e visual glory of DVD compared to VHS video, the technofreaks were developing three important technologies: the digital camcorder the DVD burner the affordable, non-linear video editor for PCs and Macs In order to explore the possibilities that these related technologies promised, Colin White in Colorado, and Linda Boucke in California independently started to digitize their old VHS tapes and edit them into watchable sequences, saving the results on CD-ROM discs. Occasionally the wannabe moviemakers would get together to exchange ideas and discoveries, eventually resulting in inevitable collaborations. In order to distinguish the collaborations from the solo projects, the term “COLINDA” was coined by merging their first names. Before long, “COLINDA” was prefixed by “Team” for some reason now lost to time. TeamCOLINDA operates as part of a larger media company: White-Boucke Productions. About White-Boucke Productions  White-Boucke Publishing was founded in 1987 in Glendale, California, as a part-time venture offering technical documentation services to local industry and machine stenography services to local insurance and medical concerns. They published their first commercial book in 1989. In 1994, White-Boucke Publishing relocated to Colorado, where the company remains to this day. They continue to offer unique, lively works of non-fiction, often with a strong element of humor, and have also developed a series of reference works for Court Reporters. Upon returning to California in 2015 and rebranding as White-Boucke Productions, the company has continued to publish and market non- fiction books, e-books, videos and software titles. To view the company’s complete catalog, go to