Projects Gallery The TeamCOLINDA video clips showcased here are extracts from larger projects commisioned by clients in California, Colorado, United Kingdom and South Africa.
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“Cooking with Kayley” is the result of digitizing, optimizing and editing the UK client’s analog video recording in a non-linear editor and over-dubbing an appropriate childrens song. Clip length = 62sec, total production = 4min 27sec.
“Year One for Mason” was shot during the clients’ annual 1-week sojourn in Carlsbad, California. Raw video was taken using mobile phones and camcorders, and later the video files were edited, captioned and musical accompanyment added. Clip length = 50sec, total production = 9min 45sec.
“Goldfinger: the movie” is a 3-chapter wedding video, documenting a pre-event brunch, the ceremony and reception. For the reception chapter, guest interviewees held gold-painted shotgun shells to simulate toasting cups, knowing that the couple are avid trap shooters. Clip length = XXsec, total production = 20min 50sec.
“Hout Bay” Working from a mismash of photographic prints and mobile phone pics supplied by the South African client, this production relies heavily on scene timing and digital motion to drive it along. Clip length = XXsec, total production = 3min 43sec.
“Michael’s Passion” was created using iPhone video files at a Colorado shooting range. Due to the ambient sound of the air handling equipment, the recorded audio had to be removed and “clean” gunfire noise added later. Clip length = 70sec, total production = 2min 46sec.
“The Hula Birthday Bash” is a short video production, celebrating a costumed birthday party for a family of champion Chinese Cresteds (and friends), set to a Polynesian background theme. Clip length = 60sec, total production = 3min 42sec.
Select “play”, then allow video to fully download (blue progress strip). Clip will automatically play when downloading finishes.
“Crested Christmas”. The champs return to give a stunning performance while hunting for Christmas treats. Clip length = 60sec, total production = 4min 50sec.
“Another Fine Brew”. A California couple celebrates the birth of a new daughter. Clip length = 60sec, total production = 9min 15sec.