What We Do This page describes the activities that TeamCOLINDA can engage in to help clients on their path to memorable audio-visual productions, from full location shoots and post production work, to an analysis of a semi-complete work.
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Sit Back and Let It Happen . . .   Don’t spoil your special occasion  a wedding, anniversary, birthday, newborn, etc.  by trying to do this and everything else yourself. The chances are that you will fail miserably on more than one front! A well-produced movie of your day in the spotlight will likely be the best and most important memory that you have, so why not let TeamCOLINDA take the stress and torture out of the equation by: “Storyboarding” your video (after a detailed interview and review). Planning the shoot (in conjunction with other service providers, if applicable). Recording audio and video at the event. Assembling a “working copy” of the project in a non-linear editor (and, of course, embodying clients’ desires and changes). Duplicating / replicating discs and assembling the packaging, and porting the final release to streaming sites and social media as required. Kick It Up a Notch . . . Budget constraints, timing and exotic locations can all play a part in making a choice to not “Sit Back and Let It Happen”. Or perhaps you just want someone and trustworthy to merge those dusty files, tapes, photos, etc., into a coherent and entertaining production for friends & family. Either way, TeamCOLINDA is here for you. Go Your Own Way . . . At the very least, take a look at DIY Tips on this website before embarking on your A/V journey. Much can be achieved by creative use of the right equipment, accessories and techniques in a thoughtful and inventive manner. Happy shooting . . . and may your lens be forever dust-free.